In this episode of 101 Questions Church Planters Ask, host Danny Parmelee discusses how to approach having Non-Christians on your church plant launch team.

A few important points to highlight:

  • Use the term “Launch Team” and NOT “Core Team”.
  • Understand that launch team members should and will have varying degrees of commitment.
  • Don’t place unrealistic expectations on every member of your launch team.
  • Welcome Non-Christians into your launch team, as you can begin their evangelism and discipleship process early, even before the church plant launches.
  • Non-Christians on your launch team can help provide valuable insight into which approaches will attract other non-Christians to your launch plant.
  • Having Non-Christians on your launch team sets up a culture that allows questions and doubts, and welcomes people at every stage of their faith journey.
  • Understand that there will be messy and at times chaotic situations regarding what level of participation and leadership is allowed for a non-Christian: but accept the mess and navigate situations as you go.