Welcome listeners to the very first episode of 101 Questions That Church Planters Ask. I’m your host Danny Parmelee.  

In this first episode, I really just want to make a brief introduction of myself.

I also want to talk about what prompted this podcast and my hopes for how this will work.

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably considering church planting or have started the process.  I’m so glad you’re here. 

 If you are anything like me when I first started my church plant you are filled with passion, excitement, vision… but mixed in with a good dose of fear, confusion, anxiety on some of the details or challenges ahead.  

This is actually a perfect spot to be in and likely means that God is shaping you to make a great Kingdom impact in your community.  

I planted a church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2005 and it grew to over a couple thousand people with 3 campuses.  

During that time, our church planted churches and I was involved in our regional and national church planting movement with a group called Converge. 

In 2017 I transitioned from Lead pastor of epikos church to become the full time Vice President of Church planting for Converge MidAmerica.  

So I have one of the coolest jobs around. I get to help recruit, train, and coach church planters from MI down to TN.  

I live in Nashville TN but am all over the country helping church planters fulfill what God has called them to.

I’m constantly answering church planter questions.  I’ve begun to notice that many of them are asked over and over.  So I thought, I have to create a resource to help planters.

So this podcast and blog will simply be a whole bunch of answering these questions!

Here’s the fun part.  If you’re a listener and have a question that hasn’t been asked yet, ASK US your question!  Chances are, if you’re asking it, so is someone else.